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Parent Groups (School Council)

School Council

School Council’s purpose is to support and enhance student learning

Earl Buxton’s School Council is an organization of parents/guardians and school leadership which meets monthly to discuss and plan school activities and events. The School Council gives parents/guardians a voice in the decision making that affects the school, and ultimately their children. By being part of the discussion with the administration and fellow parents and guardians, they have a say in what goes on, from programming to how the school spends money. 

Many of the school programs and services we've come to expect and enjoy are funded entirely or in part by the School Council. Not only does the School Council raise funds for the school, it also is instrumental in deciding how those funds are used -- from books in our library and classrooms to the Artist in Residence program to technology. School Council drives and helps fund many of the school’s popular programs, with monies raised going to support Lunch ‘n’ Learn, Hot Lunch, Club Moo, Artist in Residence, Healthy Earl Buxton, the Family Dance, as well as the school’s technology, reading, library, gym and other programs.

Dates and times of meetings are announced on SchoolZone, through the school newsletter and on the outdoor school sign. If you have any questions regarding the School Council, please contact Chair Tara Middleton at earlbuxtonpacchair@gmail.com.


2018-2019 School Council Executive Team:

Tara Middleton, Chair

Sondra Mackenzie-Plovie, Vice-Chair

Tove Nielsen, Secretary

Laurie Frank, Treasurer