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Lunch Program

We welcome all our students to have choice in their lunchtime experiences. Families can either choose to go home for lunch and make arrangements with the school or stay at school using our lunch-time supervision service. 

All students who stay for lunch will need to:

  • Register for lunch supervision using the form on SchoolZone.
  • Pay lunch fees for supervision.
  • Schools will set lunch fees using a standard formula

Lunch-time supervision is a service many families need. These changes should make the service easier for families, especially when it comes to understanding how schools set fees. The rules will also be consistent across all Edmonton Public Schools, so no matter which school your children attend, processes will be the same.

Most importantly, these changes still give us the flexibility to create a lunch-time supervision service that works best for the needs of our school and our families. 

The Lunchroom supervision program begins on the very first day, so parents you are able to plan accordingly that your child(ren) are able take bring their lunch and remain at the school. We do ask that you return all lunchroom forms in a timely manner to ensure the shared responsiblity of a strong functioning lunchroom program. 

Lunchroom fees include the cost of hiring lunchroom aides, cleaning and purchasing games and treats on special days.  These fees are paid on SchoolZone, Student Profile, Student Fees

All students who go home for lunch:

In an effort to ensure the safety of all of our students, we are asking the following. When students are going home for lunch, they are to leave the school through the front door and return from lunch through the front door as well. If a student goes home for lunch, they are expected to be gone from school for the entire lunch hour (e.g., lunch hour begins at 11:40 and students return to school at 12:20). Attendance is taken at the beginning of each lunch hour to ensure student safety and clear communication. If your child returns early on a consistent basis, please communicate with the school office at 780-435-1577.


Peanut and nut aware school

We have several students who have severe allergies to peanuts and nuts in our school. Please refrain from sending food that contains nuts—such as peanut butter or Nutella sandwiches. While this might pose a minor inconvenience for some people, these products might mean the difference between life and death for those with severe allergies. It is a collective responsibility to ensure we provide a safe environment for everyone. If your child has any serious medical concerns, please let our staff know so that we can have the appropriate measures and procedures in place.

Healthy snacks and lunch

To encourage healthy nutrition, please avoid packing candy, chips, gum and sunflower seeds (these can make a mess in the school). 

Lunch program expectations

Please provide your child with:

  • lunches that do not require microwaving or hot water
  • lunch bags that are labelled with your child’s name and classroom number
  • reusable containers or bags to help support our commitment of reducing garbage and waste
  • a plastic bag or containers for leftovers so you can see what your child is or isn’t eating

Students are expected to:

  • eat quietly at desks or tables
  • remain seated and not leave the designated lunch area without permission
  • be respectful of each other and supervisors at all times (student behavior expectations for the lunch program are the same as classroom expectations
  • use indoor voices

Lunch Supervision Fees 

   Full-time lunch attendance is paid on a per quarter basis (fee to be determined each quarter)

   Occasional lunch attendance is $2 per student per day.  (Students will be sent home invoices during the year for days stayed.) 

Club Moo

Club Moo is a milk promotion program, run by our School Council, that encourages children to develop the lifelong habit of drinking milk.  Students buy a Club Moo card which is punched each lunch hour when they come to get a milk.

Club Moo Fees

   $15.00 for 15 bottles of milk


Lunch Supervisors

Lunchtime supervisors - positions filled at this time. Thank you.

All positions currently filled - full time, part-time and casual.
Work hours are 11:30-12:25 on School Days.
The pay is $24/day.